Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

1. Website Photos & Videos

Welcome to Zoi’s Pouli Website.

These are the terms and conditions for use of the website, which you may access in several ways.

«All digital media (photos and videos) are intellectual property of Zoi’s Pouli website and there are under the Copyright Law, L.2121/93.

The use of Zoi’s Pouli digital media posted on this web site (zoipouli.eu) is not free. Republication for advertising or commercial purposes is prohibited. Reproduction, alteration by electronic, mechanical, photocopying or any other way without the prior written permission of Zoi Pouli is also prohibited.

If you wish to use one or more digital media, you need to obtain a license of use from Zoi Pouli and you must reference the source of these media (zoipouli.eu).»